Merapi Lava Tour, Jogjakarta

Hey all!

It’s been awhile since the last time I wrote in this blog! To fulfill my last year’s resolution, which is to write more in this blog lol, here I’ll show you some photos taken during the company outing last week.

Last Monday (December 21st, 2015), me & all of my friends from Sale Stock‘s Marketing Department went outing to Jogjakarta (finally! After 24++ hours of hackathon, and almost a month of hardwork preparing for Harbolnas, we finally had an outing!! *cried joyfully*).

We spent the night in a villa at Kaliurang, and went to the Lava Tour the next morning.

Villa at Kaliurang, Jogjakarta

A surprisingly HUGE villa! There were still a lot of empty spaces eventhough we occupied 15 rooms!

Base Camp

Here’s the Jeep’s Base Camp

Near Patilasan

The base camp was about 1.4 KM before Patilasan, the village where Mbah Maridjan (the former Juru Kunci of Mount Merapi who died during the eruption) lived.

We rent 7 jeeps containing 4 people each. And of course, I immediately tagged the front seat :p

On The Jeep


In Photographer Mode

In Photographer Mode. Credit goes to Aprin!

Our first destination was Museum Letusan Gunung Merapi.

Museum Letusan Gunung Merapi

Our first destination: Museum Letusan Gunung Merapi.

Well, it’s not an “actual” museum, for we could only see the remains owned by people living in the village (home appliances, bicycles, animal skeletons, etc), and also the photos taken during the volcanic ashes eruption in 2010.

Time of Eruption

According to the “frozen” clock, the time of eruption was 12.15 am.

Lava Boom

The lava boom remains & the photos of the evacuation. You should see all the photos by yourself, they’re too heartbreaking 😦

Rabbit's Skeleton

I still don’t get why those people treat the skeletons as if they’re precious fossils…

Melting Wayang

Not sure what it was, but it amused me somehow.

Melted TV

While the TV had melted….


….the Gamelan remained

Our next destination was the Alien Stone. The locals said that the stone looked like an alien’s face. I couldn’t get clear photo of the stone for it was too crowded there.

The Alien Stone

My eyes immediately goes to the photographer’s buttocks everytime -__-“

Aaand we continue the journey to the last destination…..

Continuing the journey

Continuing the journey..

THE BUNKER!! Again, it was too crowded and I hate the photo taken so yeah, just for the sake of showing you how it looked like from the outside :/

The bunker

See how crowded it was for such a small place!

BUT!! Before reaching the site, I saw a sand mining place nearby. I knew it’s gonna look better to be photographed besides the bunker lol. So Aprin & I went to the sand mining place instead.

Sand Mining Spot

Those people surely had good eyes to find a spot for having a selfie, didn’t they? ;D

Here goes the rest of the photos! I love the spot very much! Definitely the BEST spot of all!

The Last Tree

The last tree up there. Sad but true 😦

On The Edge

On the edge.



Sadly I couldn’t take the much photo of the sand miners because to the lens limitation (yeah I didn’t bring the telephoto lens *sobs*)….and of course the place & time limitation. We literally stood on the edge of the hill! It’s pretty scary up there.

The sand miners

The sand miners down the hill.

Sitting on the edge

Pretending to photograph something lol. Thanks again for the photo Aprin!

Time to go back

Time to go back!

I definitely recommend you all to try this Lava Tour when you visit Jogjakarta!


Bye all!


Imaginary Friends


Loneliness is a feeling in which people experience a strong sense of emptiness and solitude, often compared to feeling unwanted and unimportant. Someone who is lonely may find it hard to form strong interpersonal relationships. There are many reasons or life events associated with loneliness. One of them is the lack of friendship relations during childhood and teenage years. In some cases, it may cause the person to have an ‘imaginary friend’ to play with.

Loneliness can also be connected with having a schizoid character type in which case, frequently one sees the world differently, and experiences alienation from others, described as ‘the self in exile’, (Klein 1995).

Background story

One of my past work about having imaginary friends reminds me of one of my childhood memories. Yet this is the first time I reveal the story behind this work.

Up until now, I used to not having (that many) friends, as I were during my elementary and secondary school. I’d rather talk to myself, or my dolls, or animals, or plants. Basically any living beings but human lol.

There was one time that people around caught me talking to my “imaginary friend” at the public transport on my way back home. The truth is, I was in secondary school back then, so you could imagine how they look at me as if looking at a crazy person.

That’s why celebrating birthday is one of the things that I hate most (but still second to papaya), because I don’t want to accept the fact that I’m getting one year older. I’d rather keeping my birthday secret and let it past peacefully, rather than celebrating it and having to reply people’s message one by one. I’m such a quirk, aren’t I? 😓 Maybe that’s why I can connect to children better than to older people. And I promise myself I would strive to be just like Anne Geddes.

Semarang Old Town

Lawang Sewu, Central Java

The Javanese name Lawang Sewu means “Thousand Doors”, comes from its numerous doors and arcs. It was famous as haunted building, but it was renovated to eliminate the building’s “spooky image” in order to attract more visitors as one of the Central Javan government’s tourism program. I went there for the inauguration on July 2011.
I really love the grande design. However, it kinda lost its ‘nostalgic’ feeling after being renovated 😦


Getting a “Real Job”

Hey there!

It’s been awhile since I talk to someone about me getting a job haha. Few days (or weeks?) ago, a friend of mine asked me how long have I been working as Personal Assistant (my previous job), I said it’s 6 months. He told me “same as me then” and I was shocked “Already?? And I haven’t gotten any job since??”

I’ve been freelancing for almost 8 months now. Any kind of freelance: photographing, photo editing, graphic designing, translating, whatever. I enjoy freelance work very much though. I can accept whatever job that I enjoy. I can do the work whenever and wherever I want. I work at my own pace and plan everything based on my availability. I can still meet my friends anytime I want (oh well, except when I have to meet a deadline). I can dance wildly whenever I feel bored or tired (HAHA). So much fun!

However, it became stressful when the deadline is hell. No sleeping for days, backache and stiff neck for sitting too long, watery eyes for endless staring at computer, and so on. I realized that it’s time to “move on” and “get a life”. I gotta find new networks. I need a break on weekends. I want to tell people stories about my working environments. I want to travel with my colleagues. (deep breath) I need to find a real job.

Why getting a job? What for if I can live by freelancing?

Well, first of all, I need financial security. I still have to payback my college loan (damn you, loan) and of course, to give back for my parents too. Secondly, I want to live by myself and not being a parasite to my parents anymore. I desperately need some privacy (I don’t even have my own bedroom and drawer here! *sigh).

So today, I went to meet my awesome friends to get advice from them about how to get a job in 2 weeks (?) lol. Basically, the advice they gave me were:

1. List down all job possibilities
2. Find and list down all of the job vacancies
3. Prepare for the application requirements
4. Send the applications by mail and email!

It sounds common but I didn’t actually realized that there are lots of career opportunities out there that I could apply to! See the examples:

Job Possibilities:
Account Executive
Graphic Designer
Copywriter/Content Writer
Social Media Networker
Assistant + Secretarial Jobs
PR + Event Organizig
HR Admin (Management stuff)
-and so on

You know, I’m really on fire right now! But it’s 2 am already and I have to sleep to get a ‘life’ >..< just wait for my first salary treat, ok! lol

Hope I can get a job very soon! (and so do you!)

A work for TK Permata Ibu 2013-2014 Yearbook

These are my favorites from the work i did for the kindergarten’s yearbook (really, kindergarten nowadays have their own yearbook!). The theme is “My Favorite Things” based on the song I love from the movie “Sound of Music” :3

First of all, the kids drew their favorite stuff, and then I took their photo, and add them into their drawings.

I just love how kindergarten kids still have broad imaginations and freedom.
So here they are! Enjoy their works!

Kholida, 6.5 yo

Kholida, 6.5 yo – Looks like the ‘creature’ (?) on her drawing is mad at her lol. Adore their expressions very much :3

Al Kautsar, 6.5 yo

Al Kautsar, 6.5 yo – He loves dinosaurs and he can name each of them! Really reminds me of Ross from Friends sitcom lol

Aliefka, 6 yo

Aliefka, 6 yo – She loves flags! Never imagined that a kid could love flags as much as her! :’D

Ilham, 6 yo

Ilham, 6 yo – See those cute elephants! :))

Riyadh, 6 yo

Riyadh, 6 yo – Love his expression! Looks like he’s actually playing with Spongebob! xD

Yaquti, 6 yo

Yaquti, 6 yo – The pink building behind her is actually a castle and she dreams of becoming a princess :3

Anggi, 6 yo

Anggi, 6 yo – Looks like they’re twins :))

Farel, 6.5 yo

Farel, 6.5 yo – The teachers told me that he’s a very quite (and gloomy) kid yet he can express very well in this picture! i’m so proud of him :’D

Felycea, 6.5 yo

Felycea, 6.5 yo – A cute girl who loves hello kitty. She was crying at the first photoshoot session >.< I just couldn’t calm her down and need to redo her shoot on the following session >.<
note: I really love her name and plan on naming ‘felycea’ for my future daughter! lol

Aryo, 6.5 yo

Aryo, 6.5 yo – A very funny kid, he just couldn’t sit still and I need to ask him to slow down the train he’s playing with lol

Raysa, 6.5 yo

Raysa, 6.5 yo – What a HUGE flower she drew! I bet she loves flowers very much!

Jalaal, 8 yo

Jalaal, 6 yo – Looks like the kite envies him for jumping (almost) higher lol

My Favorite Things

Spesialisasi Profesi Fotografer: Fine Arts

Pada artikel sebelumnya, saya telah membahas mengenai salah satu spesialisasi profesi fotografi yaitu Pewarta Foto. Berikut ini uraian mengenai profesi Fotografer Fine Arts (seni murni/eksperimental).


Fotografer Fine Arts

Pernahkah Anda mendengar Cindy Sherman? Hasil karya fotografer wanita ini harganya naik dari 50.000 USD hingga mencapai 1 juta USD dalam kurun waktu 6 tahun. Harga barang seni di galeri dan balai lelang memang bisa melonjak naik apabila hasil karya Anda dibeli oleh selebriti terkenal atau keluarga kaya seperti keluarga Guggenheim.

Hasil karya Cindy Sherman banyak menggarap tema yang berbeda-beda dengan melakukan eksperimen. Dia sering memotret dirinya di dalam hasil karyanya, sekilas mirip Rembrandt atau Diego Rivera yang selalu menyertakan dirinya dalam lukisannya.

Kasmin 1982 by David Hockney

Kasmin 1982 by David Hockney

Seniman lain seperti David Hockney yang mempunyai profesi sebagai pelukis selalu berganti media dalam 20 tahun terakhir. Hockney pernah mencoba kamera polaroid dan memotret hanya potongan-potongan tangan, kaki, jari, mata, hidung, kemudian digabung-gabung mirip anak kecil bermain puzzle. Teknik ini akan memudahkan kita membuat mata orang menjadi tiga seperti lukisan Pablo Picasso. Maka David Hockney dianggap orang pertama yang berhasil memindahkan konsep kubisme lukisan ke fotografi. Saat ini dia banyak melakukan manipulasi dengan komputer, melukis dengan teknik yang berbeda.

Pergantian teknik dan pencampuran (mix) media pada komputer memang menyulitkan kita membedakan latar belakang seniman, apakah dia fotografer atau pelukis atau ahli animasi komputer atau lainnya. Contohnya, jika Anda melihat karya Sandy Skoglund, maka saya pastikan Anda akan kebingungan. Sandy adalah fotografer sekaligus seniman instalasi.

Apabila Anda baru pertama kali melihat karya Cindy Sherman, Sandy Skoglund, maupun David Hockney, pasti berfikir apa bagusnya foto-foto karya mereka. Memang untuk mempelajari foto fine art, Anda harus mengetahui sejarah seni foto mulai dari Alfred Stieglitz hingga Cindy Sherman untuk memahami ide lama sebelum Anda mengeluarkan ide baru.

Cara bekerja fotografer seni eksperimental mirip seperti pelukis: membuat proyek pribadi yang didanai sendiri dan menjual karya fotonya melalui pameran foto. Meskipun terlihat sangat bebas, sampai saat ini hampir tidak ada fotografer fine art purna waktu di Indonesia. Kebanyakan fotografer komersial yang membuat proyek pribadi untuk meningkatkan kreativitas pada dirinya. Seni eksperimental (fine arts) ini memang berusaha mencari visi baru yang sama sekali belum pernah dilihat orang. Saat ini memang hampir sulit sekali untuk membuat ide, pemikiran, dan gaya yang belum pernah dibuat orang sebelumnya.

Banyaknya pameran dalam 10 tahun terakhir dan tumbuhnya pendidikan foto memang dapat memungkinkan timbulnya pasar fotografer seni eksperimental. Penjualan foto melalui galeri, cafe, dan tempat-tempat umum sekalipun belum begitu besar. Harga foto seni eksperimental rata-rata di luar negeri berkisar 250-50,000 US$. Untuk pasar Indonesia mungkin sekitar 500 ribu hingga ratusan juta rupiah, walaupun tidak ada fotografer Indonesia yang hidupnya dari memotret fine art seperti pelukis.

Tahukah Anda bahwa beberapa tahun silam pernah ada foto hasil karya fotografer Indonesia yang terjual dengan harga 700 juta rupiah?

Janda Satu Anak by Aryono Huboyo Djati

Janda Satu Anak by Aryono Huboyo Djati

Jawabannya tentu Ada! Dalam sebuah lelang yang diadakan di pameran tunggalnya, seorang fotografer bernama Aryono Huboyo Djati memamerkan satu bagian dari kehidupan perempuan Aceh yang ditinggal mati suaminya dan memiliki anak yang masih berumur 4 tahun. Foto berjudul Janda Satu Anak tersebut terjual Rp 700 juta, nilai yang tergolong fantastis untuk sebuah karya fotografi di Asia.

Bagi Aryono, sebuah foto tak ubahnya catatan waktu, lokasi, nama, dan peristiwa yang terjadi pada saat itu. Ada yang harus diperhatikan ketika seorang fotografer akan mengabadikan sebuah gambar. Kedekatan antara fotografer dan objeknya harus tercipta ketika pengambilan gambar karena itu komunikasi yang akrab dengan orang-orang yang terlibat juga menjadi syarat untuk menghasilkan foto yang baik. Lewat karya-karya fotografinya, Aryono mengajak kita untuk belajar dari berbagai peristiwa kehidupan. Selain itu, menurutnya, jika kita serius mengerjakannya maka foto juga bisa menghasilkan.

Anda dapat menilik hasil karya pencipta lagu Burung Camar yang dinyanyikan oleh Vina Panduwinata, dalam online portalnya yaitu website, filckrdeviantArt dan galeri JPC.
Mannequin by Aryono Huboyo Djati

Mannequin by Aryono Huboyo Djati